More than a year later, I write about my experience at the extemely haunted LEMP MANSION!

It has taken me well over a year to get to the place where I could write about my experience at the Lemp Mansion. How many times I have felt the urge to face this...and how many times have I turned away from that urge...putting it off for another day. Never once did I forget the promise I made that day, after a night of staying in the Lemp Mansion. It has stayed on my mind...and like all things I do, I trust when I finally feel it is time. 

It is time.

To catch you up on the backstory here...MJ Pack contacted me a few years ago from Thought Catalog...and she asked if I would be willing to do a live Skype session with her from the Lemp Mansion. I had done a reading for her concerning it...and told her some things from one of her prior visits. I was completely on board with doing this and felt many things come to me as we did. Fast forward to a year or so later, I was flying to TN to visit family and decided to stop in St. Louis to meet MJ at the Lemp and stay the night in one of the very haunted rooms...Elsa's room. I will get into who Elsa is further into the story. 

So that is how I came to stay at the Lemp Mansion. It is difficult to do this kind of work with anyone around...and I found that the most challenging of this whole trip. Not that MJ is not absolutely wonderful and is just that there is so much going on in the inner communication and it is hard to have one foot in that...and one foot in living conversation or trying to be a part of both. But we managed and there is a lot I never spoke...but I will here. 

When I did the first live Skype session, I immediately felt there was a curse on this family. The Cherokee placed this curse on the family. I was shown that they felt very slighted...and stolen from. Lied to. Betrayed. Taken for fools. I was shown them having meetings and conversations with the Lemps...and what I heard and got from it was that the Lemps came to them knowing full well their plan...but what they presented to the Cherokee was more of a joint effort. They got them drunk on "ale" (those were the words said) and under those circumstances, had them sign things that they had no understanding of what it was. They were taking them on their word...a handshake treaty...and the Lemps had different plans. One, to take their tunnels...their land and use it for the making, storing, and travel concerning their beer and business. It almost felt like a bad love a man pursues a woman and woos her and makes her all of these promises...then when he gets what he wants, he dumps her...shuts her out...cuts her off. So cold. This is what they did to the Cherokee. No sacred intention. No respect. 

A few days before the live Skype session, I had a dream in which one of the Lemps, Billy Lemp Jr. made himself very known to me. His face, flashed in front of me and it scared me, I will admit. Such intensity in his eyes. Then he showed me very quick flashes...a fireplace...a woman whom he called the Matriarch. A big mirror which I stared into and he told me this is how they "move in and out" of the realm. He showed me a woman's hand with bracelets( later, MJ found that in the history part of the mansion they had these very bracelets in a display case). Strange thing too, he showed me himself as a young man, and I watched as he stared at if he could see me...stood on chair, still staring at me...and then hung himself...still staring at me. It was awful and I made myself wake up. This was not how he died in life...I realized after staying there and my experience then...that it was a metaphor. 

After the Skype session I spent the next day going in and trying to communicate with what had come forward in the Skype session to me...a Cherokee male. Chief maybe...definitely intense...and there was no mercy in the communication. He was very short, brief...and it was more of an "it is what it is" message to me. I was told that today, to this day, the only way to have peace is for all beer sales to be stopped on that property as well as any kind of ghost tours and events involving the family. All profit off of that to be done and over. Of course, that isn't I listened and I sent message to the current owners of what I was told...of course, I did not get response. Understandably so...that is their way of making a living. The same as it was the Lemps way of making a living.

I let go of it...until MJ and I made plans for me to come there and stay in the mansion with her for a night. 

I have to admit, I was scared. Native American curses are not something you mess with, number one. Number two, I still remember the intensity of Billy Jr. in that dream...and I had a pre-judgement there concerning him. 

The only thing I knew I had for sure was my heart. My heart truly wanted to help in whatever way I could. I believe it was the innocence...purity in that desire that allowed what followed...

Arriving at the Lemp Mansion, I had a lump in my throat. I could feel them. As if they were looking out the windows awaiting my arrival. They knew I was coming. Elsa. Billy. Charles. The Cherokee. 

We went stayed outside for a few minutes...both of us hesitant to go inside. When we walked through the front door, I immediately was drawn to a room on the left. This, I found out was Billy Jr.'s office. 

In the Lemp Family time, it has been claimed four suicides happened, wiping out the family. Three happened inside of the Lemp Mansion. These proceeded the untimely death of a beloved son, Frederick who died suddenly as a young man. He was the golden child...and the one that William J. Lemp wanted to groom to take over the family business. Falstaff, the famous beer had made its mark for the family.  John Adam Lemp arrived from Germany around 1836. He opened his own storefront...made his own vinegar and beer to sell in it. He produced a German of the first to do it in The States. Soon the caves that were made by the Native Cherokee running through that portion of the city...caught his eye. Instant, natural refrigeration for his beer. Storage. Protective and safe to his product and inventory. He took them...and when he died, his son William J. Lemp took over the business. Making it hugely successful. It was his son, Frederik that died suddenly and he was grief stricken over it. 


This is where what has been told of the story differs from what I was shown that night in the Lemp Mansion. 

It has been told that William J. Lemp was so distraught by his son's sudden passing at the age of 28, that he shot himself in his bedroom. The first "suicide" of the string of them. This left the business to Billy Lemp Jr....the one who came to me in the dream. The one that prior to this, I had real reservation about communicating with. I believed that story until I walked in the door of mansion and begun the most intense 24 hours of my life. 

MJ and I checked in and wanted to go to the room first to feel it...and regroup there. I turned on my Zoom recorder as soon as we entered this EVP was can hear a male voice say "Be kind..." as if he is reprimanding someone. I feel this is the spirit of Billy Lemp Jr. speaking to Elsa. We were in Elsa's room...and Elsa ended up being a lot different than I expected her to be. Which is where the story of the first suicide, of their father William J. Lemp takes a turn for me. 

Here is the link to the EVP-

This is where everything begins to shift for me...and I begin to see and feel a picture very surprising from what I had been told and also, pre-judgments I felt prior coming to the mansion.

Billy greeted me instantly... and although I was wary, I felt him respect that and I felt true honesty that he was so grateful I was there. He wanted help. He wanted release. He would do anything for that. He was ready. 

Sitting in that bedroom, I felt what is hard to describe in words. I have no backing for least in knowledge or understanding of how curses work. All I know is what I experienced and that is all I can tell here. I felt the Cherokee placed curse on the Lemp family. That curse was two, it was that they would kind of self-implode. Destroy themselves from the inside out. This curse was meant to drive them crazy, literally. The second part of the curse was that they are forever bound to the property. The land. The mansion. Never to be in peace. Never to leave the realm between life and death. A sort of purgatory. In a way, it felt very much like- "You wanted this land so much that you stole it? Well now you are here forever." What is interesting is I felt this curse had grown so much through the had become its own entity. Intelligent, no. It was definitely residual...but its power had grown and grown and like a record on kept doing the same things it had done from day one to bring about a feeling of insanity in whomever stayed there...lived there...was connected to there concerning the family. 

I could feel Billy happy ...or maybe the word is relieved that I was getting it. I also felt his frantic energy trying to gather up the family to all be in agreement to do what it took to leave that break the humble themselves...and that may not be the right choice of words...but that was the feeling. He was ready to humble himself...where I don't feel in time past he was ever at that point. 

Elsa was a different story. I felt her energy and it was one that was a bit wicked. Liking to stir up...cause things...a bit imbalanced. She was the sister of Billy Jr...the sister of beloved Frederik that died suddenly...the daughter of the father who supposedly shot and killed himself out of grief. Elsa was in a very tumultuous marriage. She divorced and even she claimed mental and physical results in that divorce. However, they reconciled and a few weeks later, Elsa shot and killed herself in their home. The second suicide. Not on the property, but at her own home. 

This is purely my opinion, it is what I felt there and saw...and I want to put that as a disclaimer here beforehand- but I do not feel that all the the Lemp suicides were actual suicides. I feel Elsa pushed for the father, William to be out of the picture. I don't feel he had a great relationship with Billy or Elsa. I feel he truly ostracized them...and that they could and would never compare to Frederik. I feel Elsa was in Billy's ear concerning him never going to be trusted or allowed to take over the business while William was still alive. I feel that William was already so wounded...with the death of his son...and then his best friend also dying. He was getting older and ailing too...and I feel his "suicide" was made to look like one. I feel Billy had no idea until after the fact...and I feel he covered...for Elsa. 

Elsa, I feel did kill herself. I feel she was already on the verge of insanity...with her marriage...with what she did...growing more and more delirious. Her death, I do feel was self-inflicted.

With William gone, Billy Jr. took over. At a most horrible time...prohibition was beginning. The timing couldn't be more against him. That curse was working on him too. He had to sell the a cost far below worth. He was known as quite the ladies man...and was in a messy divorce. His whole life was in shambles. His father basically made him feel his entire life that he didn't have what it took to run the business...and that is how it ended up playing out. But the sad part is, it wasn't his fault. It was the perfect storm. The perfect curse. 

Billy would be the next of the "suicides" is said he shot himself in his office, that room in the front of the mansion that I was immediately drawn to. It is also in this room where the mirror I saw in my dream prior is hanging on the wall. 

MJ and I went into that room...for me to talk to the spirits. This was after everything closed for the night. Only a couple of people remained in the mansion. I lit a candle. I then decided to play chanting...Cherokee chanting. I felt Billy come forward...that was tough for him. I could feel all his tumultuous feelings inside...churning away. Anger. Rage. Resentment. Hurt. I told him I was not trying to be disrespectful to him or rub it in his face...I was being respectful to the ones who were there before him...that they deserved that. I felt him back down. I felt a spirit come forward...ancestral...Cherokee...I have been told I have Cherokee in my bloodline...and maybe that is why I was allowed to do what I did next. I am not sure. I just know when I look back, I can see and feel it was brazen, maybe. But it is what my heart felt to do...

I asked the Cherokee why the curse could not be lifted? I said to it " We are in a new time and space. So much of earth and humans have evolved since you were here. In some ways, we have gotten only worse. But you can feel my heart...and you can search my heart...and you know and can feel my being. Why won't you evolve? Why does everything else evolve here...nature...everything...and yet, you will not? Why can't there be a truce? Forgiveness? Mercy? Don't you evolve too? Don't you learn and grow and is it not a part of your evolutionary track to be on the path of Divine Love as well?" I don't know how to put into words, but I do feel that this spirit listened to my heart and felt it...instead of fighting or standing staunch in conviction. In that moment, I felt a release...and I felt a permission...that those who were ready, would be allowed to cross over. I also felt this spirit tell me that nothing could be done about the "curse" itself. That the energy that this has created there would be there. I was not given any kind of permission to clear that and I will say right now, there is no part of me that felt that was even possible for me to do. I can still feel the strength of that Cherokee spirit...the representative that came forward. I also felt this was only a window of opportunity...that would not last forever. 

I felt the spirit step back...and I felt Billy present again...I asked him if he understood...I felt he did. I felt he knew too that in order for this to happen he must communicate on behalf of the family (since he was the one that was most present...seemed to be the ring leader and strongest) in the form of a true acknowledgement of the wrong done to the Cherokee. 

It was in this office that I too saw that Billy had not committed suicide either. I saw three men ...sneak up and in like ghosts...they killed him...and with his own gun. I don't feel that was the way it was planned...I feel they were going to in another way...but he had his gun present in his office at all times...and he was outnumbered when he held it. 

So far, I saw that William J. Lemp was murdered, not suicide. Elsa was most definitely suicide and Billy was murdered. 

Before I left the office, I played music for Billy from his era...the kind he would have listened to. I felt that brought him I turned it off. 

That brings us to Charles Lemp, the 3rd son Of William Sr.  He never married...and he was quite the flirt with MJ. There was a EMF reader session we did in his room where he answered questions by making the meter go off. This was done on a Periscope broadcast and was intriguing. I feel he had a real crush on MJ! She had an experience with him one of her first times staying at the mansion...that was quite personal. Charles was the last violent casualty...shooting his dog and then himself in 1949. He moved back into the mansion after some time away...and from what I have was only him, his dog, and two servants. I feel he was slowly going mad. The curse working on him as well. There was a servant that came forward that I feel had a lot of abuse done to her...sexual type of games and mental abuse. Dark and mean stuff. I am not sure who...I did not want to look into that after the exhaustion of all that I had already felt and seen. Maybe she is one of his servants. I do feel he killed himself. Interesting, he wrote a note that said, " In case I am found dead, blame it on no one but me." That is all his suicide note said. I find it interesting that he says "in case"...if he is shooting himself, why would he use this terminology...and why would he feel the need to make his last words only be about blaming it on no one but him? I didn't get that answer. By that time, I was exhausted. 

MJ and I got into the bed...and this is where I had the most unpleasant night of my life. What is incredible is MJ was having the same exact experience, neither of us knowing it until we both awoke and spoke it to each other. I can only describe it as one moment, feeling like my whole body was on fire from the inside out. I would think this would be like a hot flash on crack! I would be dripping sweat. Then, in the very next moment, ICE COLD. The most freezing cold I have ever experienced physically. This went on all night. To both MJ and I. I felt it was like a torture tactic. I felt it was the curse. We also continued to hear what sounded like a tiny ball or something being dropped to the right of the stones...pebbles...being thrown and hitting something. Over and over. I got ZERO sleep. MJ as well. 

When we woke up in the morning, I can say I was ready to bolt!! But I also wanted to speak to Billy again...and help assist with the crossing over. So I went off on my own...while MJ went to Charle's room. It was there I felt Billy ask me to promise him something. He wants me to write at the end here about what the Lemp family accomplished. What they were able to build. The good they did. Because despite their mistakes...they did some incredible things of that time...and he would like that spoken. I promised him I would. I felt Billy cross over. I felt the mother, whom never gets mentioned, cross over. I felt Charles cross over. Elsa, chose not to. Charles was hanging on till the last minute because of this. He did not want to cross without her. But he did. 

MJ and I left there and walked the neighborhood. To see the expanse of what they built...the brewery...the streets...the buildings...the mansion. Is incredible. This is a photo of me that morning. I felt out of body. In fact, when I flew out of there to see my took me three days to be or feel "normal". Even my family saw it...and were worried about me. 


I think you can see in my eyes. Also interesting is that these plaques are all over and they conjoin the Lemp with Cherokee...and up until the healing I felt that took place, I wonder if that went off well. 

After this experience, MJ ended up having a

real health scare. She had a seizure for the first time in her life...and for the only time, that I am aware of. I fully understand why. I am used to dealing with this kind of energy my whole life. Someone who is just opening...and experiencing it on that is and can be a dangerous thing. This is the truth. And MJ experienced that in a big way. She is a trooper and got through it. I know that had to have been very scary for her. 

As I promised Billy...

John Adam Lemp came from Germany to St. Louis and he turned a small shop and vinegar and beer line into and industrial giant. He built a brewery above the tunnels and turned his Lager into one of the most sought after beers of the time. William J. Lemp took over and built it to mass proportions. He built a brewery that covered 5 city blocks! It is amazing to see how many jobs that must have created. To see the wealth in the way it was built...the power and wealth of that family at that time. It was William's daughter that married into the Pabst family...and so, two great beer families came together. They thrived until the continued tragedies taking place brought them down. Their brewery was once valued at 7 million dollars. In that time, that is absolutely the epitome of wealth and success. I am not going to say what it sold for or to bring up the negative. This is only to show how much that family was able to create and that it did create good for St. Louis area. They fed families. They gave men jobs...tons of men. They built the city up. Many of the buildings still standing. The mansion had 33 rooms. It had a radiator system...just 5 years after such thing was even patented. They built a swimming pool, an auditorium, a ballroom in the cavern underneath. This is now permanently sealed. The tunnels led from the house to the brewery. To me, when I feel feels like a vein...that tunnel...that connected the brewery to the mansion. That the curse and the hate and the betrayal and the energy of it all would forever travel and reside. This was not their intention...I truly feel they did not think twice about what they did. The drive and ambition it took to create what they were able to create ...well, that same drive and ambition was the root of their heartless decisions at times...that led to this tragedy in the first place. No one speaks of the brilliance of this family. It gets lost in the tragedies...the rumors...the salaciousness of it all. So today, I speak of the good they accomplished and all the were able to achieve in life. 

I will end on a photo of Billy Jr. May he rest in peace.